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We love the challenge in business placement

Invest in trust and experience. With an expert at your side – No matter what challenges you face. Together we create results.
– Sven Richter CEO


Trust is the basis of every company's development. We invest our time not only in the balance sheets, but also in the company itself, trusting the management and its abilities.

Customer focus

What measures support our customers to set off in the direction of success? Sustainable development is a process that can only succeed if two parties coordinate perfectly. We support you quickly, confidentially and personally and of course with full commitment to your goals.


For more than 30 years we have gained experience in the areas of sales, solutions from IT, business management, building up start-up companies, integrating acquisitions, selling one's own company, business brokerage and accompanying integrations.

Our vision

We love lean processes, pragmatic solutions, honest analyses and lived appreciative communication. Our journey together always begins with relationship building.

Acquisition as a strategy...

We mediate companies, shares in companies and the possibilities of financial and operational support.
To secure and expand the market position, suitable target companies or investors must be sought and found.

In our view, a systematic and structured approach is more successful in the long term.
Identification in the search for suitable target companies or investors, is very important from the strategy on which a search is aimed.
This also brings the advantage of acting proactively and thus being able to take action even at short notice.

We create
from energy matter

Our commitment is your advantage. We focus on your goals and work with you to create sustainable value and goals into the future of your business.

With criteria
to success

The selection of pre-defined criteria is crucial for success.

You have to think about the specific strategy including the motivations and objectives.

Whether financial, strategic or operational perspectives are the motivation for discussions or a search, we will find the right partner for you.

For example, young or digital target companies are to be valued fundamentally differently than established companies. The same is true for investors, whether capital is needed for add-on acquisitions, growth initiatives, or other flexible formats.

We always treat all information as strictly confidential.

After an initial assessment with you, we discuss further target-related details with our investors or the companies.

Arrange an expert meeting now.

Contact us and arrange an initial, non-binding meeting with our experts to get to know each other.

Our locations

We welcome you at our three locations “Germany”, Spain & the “United Arab Emirates”. Our team looks forward to serving you personally at each of these locations and helping you with your needs. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply contact our offices by e-mail.


Sven judge
Managing Director


Miguel Angel Garcia Praena
Partner Head Iberia

United Arab Emirates

Miguel Angel Garcia Praena
Partner Head Iberia


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